Mining Info

Just some general info from my cryptocurrency mining setup. I have my mining rig(s) in my unheated garage, with a Raspberry Pi running Windows 10 IoT sending general stats to an Azure SQL DB. Miner stats are pulled from the each rig's on-board TCP/IP API.

My miners and power supplies are running inside a double-walled box with the inner box floating in soundproofing material, and 4" intake and exhaust ducts. The exhaust duct goes through a segment of flexible insulated ducting to reduce sound, followed by around 15 feet of sheet metal ducting with a couple vents to strategically guide the heat. The combination of the box structure and creative ducting drop the sound from >80db to <30db as little as 5 feet away.

Ambient info is taken inside the intake duct, and box info is taken inside the box.

Location Temperature Relative Humidity
Ambient (intake) 89.240°F 95.900%
Mining Box 120.920°F 56.480%
Miner Avg Chip Temp Frequency Hashrate HW Error %
S9 75°C 400Mhz 8604.48GH/S 0%
A3 Off Off Off Off

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