About This Site

What better way to prove myself than going through how I built this site?

This website is currently running on a low-powered Azure-hosted VM. I also have an Azure SQL Database and Azure Blob Storage set up for it, but may or may not be using them at any given moment based on exactly what I'm doing with the site. I'm also interested in setting the site up in an Azure App Services web app and tinkering with Azure Container Services to turn it, or parts of it, into a Dockerized app at some point.

As of this moment, the site is just running as a fairly stripped down .Net Web Forms app, although I'm also working on an MVC-based API for it and eventually plan to switch to a JavaScript framework for the frontend - likely Vue or React. At the moment, the site just didn't warrant the more enterprise-y dev path of setting up the API and frontend framework.

Where I did go all-out was on security though, and I'm proud to show the following results as of May 10th, 2018: A+ Rating from SecurityHeaders.io, A+ Rating from HTBridge (just punch in the URL at the test page - historical reports are removed after a while), A rating from SSL Report (highest possible for IIS at the time), and all tests passing on ASafaWeb.com's ASP.Net scanner.

Besides ASP.Net, the site is also built with Bootstrap v4 (beta) and jQuery 3.2.1 with jQuery UI 1.12.1. Tools used include Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio Team Services (project management and source control), Sublime Text, SQL Server Management Studio, and any images were most likely made in Photoshop.